Outer Echoes

Outer Echoes is a rural residency in Cascade, Montana. In 2020, Outer Echoes partnered with Stickney Creek to bring its first artists, filmmakers David Chun and Mustafa Rony Zeno of Rug & Vase to Montana. 

OE’s current collaborators include Primal U, FLOAT, and Rizoma Field School and its advisors include Reggie Watts, David Liu, Mark Allen, Barry Threw and Janna Avner.

Season One: Mission Statement

Our journey begins with the restoration and rejuvenation of our cherished family property. We are committed to creating a space where artists can flourish, where creativity knows no bounds. As we lay the foundation for infrastructure tailored to community gatherings, we recognize that the act of coming together is the heartbeat of our existence, a source of inspiration and unity.

At the core of our mission lies the nurturing of a thriving food forest, a living testament to our dedication to ecological preservation and self-sufficiency. We honor the traditions of fishing, hunting, and wilderness survival, understanding that these are not just practical skills but also profound forms of creativity, connecting us with the natural rhythms of this land. We are also cultivating a lending library, where residents and guests can embark on intellectual and creative journeys. This inaugural season at Outer Echoes is a celebration of both nature and artistry, where we come together to forge lasting connections, create inspiring works, and cultivate an enduring harmony with the world around us.

Visit outerechoes.cargo.site to learn more, and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Console to stay up to date on our progress.

If you’d like to support our mission via crypto, visit our profile on the Juicebox funding platform.

Los Angeles, Calif.