Vulcan Holodome™ x Wevr Productions and FLOAT LAND         
FLOAT Museum: Holodome Edition
ft. FLOAT, Jennifer Steinkamp, Casey Reas, Megan Daalder, Kerenza Harris, Mark Pellington. 
Venice, CA

Year: 2018 
Interactive VR/Dome Projection 
Length: Variable

Following the initial FLOAT Museum debut at SFMOMA, FLOAT recieved support from WeVR and Paul Allen’s Vulcan, Inc to create a version for the Holodome™. A new immersive reality space and format, the Holodome™ surrounds and immerses viewers in 360 content    without a headset. 

With the closing of the Holodome™ in 2019, funding is now being sought to bring this version to other forms of virtual reality.

Contributors to this version of The FLOAT Museum were illustrious artists, filmmakers and designers, including:

Jennifer Steinkamp
Artist, Professor at UCLA Media Arts. Steinkamp has shown in numerous galleries and architectural spaces such as The Corcoran, MOMA, LACMA, MCASD, and more.

Mark Pellington
Filmmaker: The Mothman Prophecies, Henry Poole is Here, Nostalgia, U2 3D; Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” Foo Fighters “Best of You,” The Flaming Lips “Do You Realize” and more.

Casey Reas
Artist, Professor at UCLA Media Arts, Co-inventor of Processing; Work has shown at The Whitney, SFMOMA, Transfer Gallery, Bitforms, Charlie James Gallery.

Kerenza Harris
Processor at Sci-Arc, and architect with Morphosis Architects, helping create parametric tools to aid in the development of concept through fabrication.

Jesse Fleming
Artist, Filmmaker, and Educator. Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Otis College of Art and Design, Hammer Museum Los Angeles, NADA Miami.

Megan Daalder
...is a self-styled guinea pig using video, performance, and science to investigate life on earth. Her work can be found on TEDx, Five Car Garage, and art fairs such as NADA Miami.

Media Artists Kate Parsons and Ben Vance use video, interactivity, and sound to create innovative art installations. Their work has shown at Art Toronto, SFMOMA, HRLA, SXSW and Slamdance.


Levi Rohr
Interactive Artist and Co-Founder of @SundaeMonth.

Evan Hemsley
Game designer on Hyper Light Drifter, Failsafe, and more.

Miller Klitsner
Media Artist, game maker, and recent graduate of UCLA Design Media Arts.

Atley Loughridge
Interactive Designer and Artist, recent graduate of USC’s Interactive Media MFA, and participant at Oculus Connect.

Chris DeLeon
Game developer, interactive designer, author and founder of Gamkedo.

Los Angeles, Calif.